About the wearing wedges vs platforms

The sandals have been popular footwear since from many years and it provides huge number of benefits and comfort to the wearer. In which the sandals are durable, tough, comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Moreover, the sandals are lightweight and can be worn with any kind of the outfits. Now these sandals have evolved to include the extra height like platform and wedge sandals. Most of the people have doubt in wearing wedges vs platforms because there are so many kinds of sandals are out in the market and it becomes tough to make the right decision about what kind of the sandal to choose.

Difference between the wedge and platform sandals

The wedge sandals give you the style and height of thee heels without the discomfort in which it is a serious win-win thing. Before you select the wedge sandal you should consider also consider the platform sandals and its benefits and must get to know about the key aspects of wedges versus platforms.

  • kinds of sandalsThe main difference between wedge and platforms sandals is its look thickens and height of the heel present in the sandal. Wedges are an outsole that thickens at the heel area to form the wedge the benefit of these wedges are that they provide additional height without the instability of the traditional heel.
  • The platform sandals have a solid sole or thickening in the heel side area. The platform shoes are suitable for wearing huge number of days where it offers long lasting durable lifetime.

Both the platform and wedge sandals can add the bit of flirty fun to your wardrobe and it will also provide more comfort feel for your feet when you are wearing for longer period of time. These sandals are available at huge variety of size and design patterns where you can choose the best one according to your taste.