About me

Hi, my name is Haley Sierra and I am the owner and operator of the personal style site Haley Sierra Weddings and its associated social media channels. I began Haley Sierra Weddings in 2008 as a passion project to document my east-coast-meets-west-coast style aesthetic. My photographs have allowed me to tell an ongoing narrative of my evolving personal style. I love all things feminine – think timeless meets classic with a hint of quirk. While many things have changed over the years, some remain pretty consistent. You’ll rarely find me without my shades, a splash of color and lots of layers. In the nearly 10 years of running my site, I have seen the industry reshape from the inside out. As more people start to develop personal brands – and brands try to become more human – connecting to audiences in authentic ways has never been more important.

Flashing forward to today, I’ve been so lucky to work across multiple facets of the industry, including merchandising, styling, and design. I’ve held management positions for major retailers. I have been fortunate to collaborate with many of the largest global fashion brands and retailers, as a trusted influencer, strategist, and ambassador. Within the fashion space, I have partnered with brands, and others  to create content and publish digital campaigns. I have also worked in the beauty space, collaborating with Covergirl, Moroccan Oil, and L’Oreal, and with global retailers including Bloomingdales, Shopbop, and Target. Through the lens of fashion, I have also worked with worldwide luxury brands American Express, Omega, Fairmont, Range Rover, and Veuve Clicquot. Most recently, I have had the incredible fortune to work in designing and bringing to market the popular Haley Sierra Weddings brand, and to have been selected as one of 40 publishers worldwide to pioneer and launch Shopping with Creators on Instagram’s platform.